Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there who make this day mean something.

The Dads Who:

  • take the time to build healthy relationships with their children.
  • teach their sons to love, honor and respect their wives.
  • ensure that their daughters know their worth.
  • strive to teach their children to be decent human beings with love, compassion and discipline.
  • always want better for their children than what they had, no matter how good they had it.
  • didn’t have a good example of how to be a dad and still rock Dadhood.
  • raise their bonus children with the same degree (no better or worse) of love, respect, and attention as their biological children
  • recognize that parenthood doesn’t stop when your child turns 18
  • always put the needs of their child(ren) over their own wants

The rest of you? You don’t deserve this day. Sorry, not sorry. Giving your “sperm” and acknowledging your child now and then doesn’t make you a Dad. Paying child support and buying school clothes doesn’t make you a father. Abusing their mother? Yeah, you don’t get to be called “Dad.” Manipulating their small minds? Nope, not a dad. Too busy drinking and partying and “living your best life” to give them their best childhood? Nope, not a dad. A mom who thinks that because they don’t have a present “dad” she gets to celebrate “doing both jobs” on Father’s Day? No. Not a Dad. (And that’s a whole different issue on which I could write a whole separate post.) Parenting to build a child “just like you” rather than a child who has his/her own talents, needs, and desires? Not a dad.

Being a Dad isn’t an easy job. It’s not meant for sissies. And on Father’s Day, it is a sad ordeal to see all these wannabe “dads” out there expecting to be waited on hand and foot with expensive gifts to “reward” them for being a “Dad” when they’ve not put in the effort being a Dad really requires. You don’t get to be “dad” just because you fathered a child. Being “Dad” is a lot like being a superhero. And not all are cut out for it.

But for those of you who are rocking this Dad thing – who put your kids first and realized that having a child meant it was time to grow up and give them their best childhood, I fucking salute you. I wish you a fantastic day full of love and laughter and memory-making. And I know that’s exactly the kind of day you’ll have, because that’s just part of being DAD.

♥ That One Blogger ♥

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