Newsflash – I’m an “expectant mother,” and I don’t give a monkey’s ass whose feelings it hurts!

Okay, here it is – that article that hit my nerve like a hammer to the knee-cap – and excuse me, but I’m not going to sugar-coat for the sake of anyone’s feelings. Exercise of Freedom of Speech in progress …

The Bullshit Article that Has Many Rolling with Laughter and Crying at the Same Time

Pregnant women should not be called “expectant mothers” over fears it could upset transgender people, it was claimed.

The British Medical Association has urged for them to be known as “pregnant people” so it can include intersex or transgender men.

WTF … but wait … there’s more!

It suggests “the elderly” should be referred to as “older people”, “disabled lifts” as “accessible lifts” and someone who is “biologically male or female” known as “assigned male or female”.

I’m sorry, I’m not “assigned” shit – I was born (I am BIOLOGICALLY) a WOMAN!

In the guide’s pregnancy section, it states: “Gender inequality is reflected in traditional ideas about the roles of women and men. Though they have shifted over time, the assumptions and stereotypes that underpin those ideas are often deeply rooted.

A large majority of people that have been pregnant or have given birth identify as women. We can include intersex men and transmen who may get pregnant by saying ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘expectant mothers’”.

I do not “identify” as anything. I was born with a fucking vagina. I hit puberty and grew boobs. Blood pours from my vagina every damned month. I have ovaries. I have a uterus. I do not “identify” as anything. I AM a fucking woman!

This shit has gotten out of control. And you know what, I am not AFRAID to speak my fucking mind for fear of “hurting someone’s feelings.” You want a “safe place?” You came to the WRONG fucking space. Because this is a NO BULLSHIT space. This is a fucking REALITY bite. And if you can’t fucking handle that, take your ass somewhere else.

Fact of the matter is: If you were born with a penis, a Y chromosome; if you do not have a vagina, do not grow breasts, start a period, and do so without surgery, hormone treatment, or other MAN-MADE tricks to make you “feel” like a woman, then guess what – YOU ARE A FUCKING MAN! A MAN! And there is nothing you can do to change the fact that YOU WERE BORN A MAN!!!!!!!!!

On the flip-side, if you were born with a vagina, grow breasts, start your period, and have a uterus, YOU ARE A WOMAN. You can “call” yourself whatever the fucking fuck you want, but the fact is, you are a WOMAN.

I won’t give up stupid ass shit like calling a pregnant WOMAN an “expectant mother” to protect the tender hearts of anyone. Yes, “transmen” can get pregnant – want to know why? BECAUSE YOU’RE A FUCKING WOMAN. Transwomen cannot get pregnant, without a donor uterus/womb implanted into HIS abdomen – why? BECAUSE MEN CANNOT BEAR FUCKING CHILDREN!

You want to take your hormones, have a sex change, and “identify” as a fucking monkey – what the fuck ever. Do it. Have a wonderful time. I don’t care. But guess what, you don’t get to cry and whine and assume that everyone should change their reality because YOU made a decision. I am a fucking woman. I was BORN a fucking female. I am proud to be a woman. And right now, I’m a fucking EXPECTANT MOTHER. And I will not side-step for the benefit of someone who has chosen an “identity” they were not born with.

Equality? Gender equality? You’re screaming for it while stomping all over the actual rights, benefits, and beautiful aspects of each gender. You’re forcing others to accommodate you because “it’s not fair,” all while putting the rest of us in a position of having to GIVE UP pride in who WE are, what we believe, and walk softly to make you feel better? Gender roles are not a crime. They have existed as long as man/woman has. And all this nonsense about men & women being equal is pure bullshit. We weren’t MADE to be equal. We were made to be complimentary.

Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.

Be who you want to be. I’m cool with that. But don’t tell me I have to keep silent who I am so that YOU don’t get hurt feelings or feel “left out.”

End Rant.

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