Where Evil Dwells

I might have seen the truth,
If I’d known that it was there;
Hidden beneath the darkness
Of a world that didn’t care.

Instead I saw the light
As it shone upon my face,
And listened to the stream
As it flowed in all its grace.

I sang about the fairies
And their magic pixie dust;
I laid upon the beaches,
Filled with hope and trust.

I pranced through the forest,
My step careless and free,
Unaware that in the shadows
A predator was stalking me.

The night was softly blooming,
Surrounding my young mind,
Coloring the world with roses,
Until my eyes were blind.

But deep within the hollows
Where my tender heart evaded,
A monster lurked in silence
In a world he had created.

I did not hear him coming;
He took me by surprise,
His fangs sinking deep;
Blood filling his dark eyes.

I laid helpless beneath him,
his blood lust in control;
stealing every wisp of innocence;
bleeding me of my soul.

When at last his thirst dissolved,
He caressed me with a vile hand,
Until vicious tears burned my eyes
And screams I could not command.

And there beneath the moonlight,
Amidst fantasy and fairy tales,
I learned the harsh reality
of the dark where evil dwells.

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